Engaging with Calvin

Engaging with Calvin

The Moore College School of Theology 2009 has just finished, and it was a worthwhile experience. Just ask Earngey for the fruits of that :) The book is already available at Moore Books (yes, already) for $29.95, which is a bargain given that thinner books have cost double.

- some very clear presentations. Paul Helm on Calvin and philosophy was illuminating, even though I’d already heard about 50% of the material the day before. Peter Jensen once again proves a lively communicator, and Peter Adam also was very clear, and very easy to listen to. Oliver Crisp on prayer was quite useful given my, ahem, essay context.
- time to ask questions, both just after the presentations and during panel time. These helped illumine other paths that weren’t formally discussed in the papers.
- breadth of content.
- the willingness of the contributors to sign an autograph. Ask Earngey :)

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  1. Mark Earngey says:

    Earngey agrees! It’s a cracker of a book (especially the ‘happy birthday’ version!!) …. Love your work Jas! M.