I don’t know which thing to go to on Saturday. Why is it that the date of the Moore College Open Day and Carnival seems to attract all sorts of stuff?

Let me tell you what I’m up against:
1) Friday

  • Inter-college soccer match. Due to the 3rd year being unable to play because of a 1 hour Cong Min exam, everyone else will have to step up. In all likelihood, my body will be a physical wreck the next day.
  • Baking a cake. The Spring Carnival always involves a cake competition, and now that I’ve equipped Chappo with an oven, I fully intend to use it. Somehow, this is going to have to fit in.
  • IF I decide to go to Gin’s wedding, I will also at some stage have to make it back home to get the car and my suit. If I happen to do anything else, I would have to get the car anyway!

2) Saturday
First, there is the aforementioned Moore College Open Day and Carnival. Now, I know of at least 3 birthday parties and the aforementioned wedding. I’ve missed the RSVP on 2 birthday parties. If I wasn’t tired by the end of Friday I will be by the end of Saturday. Which is unfortunate because …
3) Sunday
Barney’s are having there big 150th celebration at Angel Place. Not only that, but I’m also backing up for the “low key” evening service later that day. Not only will it be highly likely that I will be physically tired, by 8:30, my emotional energy will be at about -100.
4) Monday
I refuse to believe that I will be, after all this, coherent for the 6 hour Cong Min intensive …

As you can see, I’m probably going to be wasted regardless of what I decide to do on Saturday. I guess I better some sleep then.

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