The choice we all face, or not

Box 1
God is the loving creator of the world.
He made the world, and he made us to be libertarianly free creatures to live in his world. In his love, God doesn’t overrule our libertarianly free decisions, because he wants us to love him without forcing us.

But is that the way it is now?

Box 2
Because we have libertarian free will, we often don’t decide to love God. But that’s our choice. Even though God made us, God didn’t see this coming, because he doesn’t know our libertarianly free choices until we make them. He probably wasn’t looking when Eve decided to eat the apple.

What will God do about this?

Box 3

God gets angry. He judges us and we die. But God really loves us. So he’s a bit frustrated.

This sounds weird, but …

Box 4

… God changed his mind, and decided to send Jesus. Jesus always chose to live God’s way. He died on a cross – something that God knew was going to happen, somehow. He did not die because of our sins, which God doesn’t know will happen yet, but because God is love, and he loves us, and like, love is awesome, and stuff. We could have made a libertarianly free decision to love God without Jesus, but sometimes an example helps.

But that’s not all.

Box 5

Jesus rose from the dead to show that God is like the chess master who isn’t going to get beaten by some punk school champion. Jesus is in heaven now, and he wants everyone to love him, but he’s not going to force people to. But maybe, when everyone loves Jesus, he’ll come back and it’ll be awesome.

Where does that leave us?

Box 6

We all have a choice. You can love Jesus, or you could not love Jesus. That’s your libertarianly free decision. God doesn’t know what will happen next, because 5 minutes later, you might decide to do the complete opposite. But that’s ok. God is inspiring people to love him – not forcing, just trying to gently persuade people.

Would you like to pray? God listens to everyone, and he tries to answer your prayers, but there’s so many libertarianly free decisions happening, and he can’t make people’s decisions for them.

Living God’s way is better. But, Satan might come and do something bad to you, that God didn’t know was going to happen, but that’s ok, because God is going to win in the end. It might not look like God cares when bad stuff happens, but he really does, really. It just snuck in under the radar.

So which way do you want to live?

2 Responses to “The choice we all face, or not”

  1. stephenmac says:

    you missed out the phrase “Wanna know what happens next? Well, so does God…” from the end of one…

    BTW, I own the *original* scrawlings in a book, which I shall treasure, up until it’s worth something, then I’ll sell it for heaps of moolah…

    Good work Jax…