Gah! Hollow victory?

Well, looks like my possibly tiring weekend took a rather different turn. Funny how a little twist makes the rest look a lot different?

1) About 5 minutes into the Moore vs Morling game, my right ankle gets sprained in a tackle by me to stop a potential shot. That was my afternoon over. So in the end I wasn’t tired out …

2) SMBC may say they beat Moore, but it was a very hollow victory – I wasn’t even on the park, and our ultra-awesome players were about 20 kms away.

3) My cheesecake made it to the Spring Carnival, and was duly entered into the best tasting category. I won, but there weren’t that many entries. Sigh. Nevertheless, I take heart in the comments by the judges (you rock Andrew and Amy Cameron!)

So right now, I am not tired, but walking ain’t so great. So, chirpiness won’t be a problem at the Barney’s 150th, but the trip their might not be so crash hot … sigh.

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