Explorations in risk and all that stuff: an illustration?

I realised that the movie (more so than the short story) Minority Report could provide an intriguing start to thinking about the notions of foreknowledge, middle knowledge, and free will.

A prime example:

Tom Cruise rocks up at the apartment of the man he is apparently going to kill, if the pre-cogs are right. Once there, he sees that there are many photos of children, including that of his missing son. He confronts the man, who reveals that he actually has no idea and has been hired to set this situation up. The idea is that Tom Cruise will be so angry he will end up killing the dude. He decides instead not to, but the ensuing complication results in the dude being shot in a struggle.


One Response to “Explorations in risk and all that stuff: an illustration?”

  1. Mark Earngey says:

    That’s a brilliant illustration man! Absolutely brilliant! Spot on…. (and a cracker movie too!)