Giving teasers for Greek and Hebrew?

One of the projects I’ll be working on next year will be to develop and teach an “Introduction to Biblical Languages” short course at Barneys as part of a rejuvenated Christian education program.

I have quite a few ideas already, but I’d like to get suggestions from my small and infrequent blog audience. Firstly, here’s the rough parameters:
1) ~ 10 weeks all up, so about 5 weeks each
2) Possibly up to 2 hours per week, though actual teaching time would be less. Thus less than 10 teaching hours per language.
3) Assumption of starting from no background knowledge

Now, here’s where I want your opinions:
1) What would you spend that 10 teaching hours on?
2) Interesting ideas for learning activities?
3) If you were told that you would get 5 weeks on Greek/Hebrew, what are you expecting to learn or get out of it or be able to do?

2 Responses to “Giving teasers for Greek and Hebrew?”

  1. stephenmac says:

    In 10 hours, that’s actually less than Greek Weeks right? If that’s the case, I think the key issue would be understanding enough Greek/Hebrew to understand it’s usage in a commentary, rather than actually being able to read Biblical Greek and Hebrew. That would be a much longer course.

    That’s probably not all that helpful, but it’s my 2c worth :P