Adventures in new software …

So, I finally decided to order Logos 4, and it recently arrived. To prepare for it’s arrival, and to otherwise extend the usable lifetime of my laptop, I doubled the RAM. Turned out to be a good call.

Total installation takes a long time, since it downloads updates for resources and indexes your entire library. The process took about 5 hours maybe. Good thing for holidays and nothing going on. Obviously this depends on which pack you go for and what you already have installed. The indexing is to make searches and so forth go faster. I think this is at the expense of HD space, so keep an eye on your available space – if you’re pushing the HD limit I’d suggest upgrading before you got this.

The first thing you notice is the different layout of the home page. The idea seems to be that the good people at Logos want to make your home page a springboard for exploring stuff and also a usable help for daily use. Let me explain. The home page is littered with random articles from your library, devotional material for the day from whatever daily devotion type books you have, links to your Bible reading plan (should you have one) and links for a lectionary, of which a few a loaded. I might give these features a full go either starting at or after NTE, and we’ll see if these are ultimately useful or not.

The classic tools – the passage guide, the exegetical guide, and the word study – are essentially the same, but the new interface has a richer depth of features. For example – tabs! Speed is a little bit of an issue for me – though it’s because my computer is a little slow. One of the cores maxes out when one of the guides activates.

Some features have changed. Workspaces – which I used to preload the resources I’d typically use for some given lecture – are replaced by layouts. The font they use has changed – it feels easier on the eyes. We’ll see if that makes reading on a computer any easier.

Also, it is now quite likely that I have at least one decent commentary on any given book of the Bible, more if it’s the NT. If you, one of my small band of semi-regular followers, ever need a section of commentary out of the Pillar series, NIGTC, Baker Exegetical series, NICOT/NT, or the New American series, just send me the passage you need I’ll drum up something. If it’s only recently come out in print (like DGP’s Acts commentary) I can’t help much until it arrives in digital form.

ps. If anyone is thinking about Logos 4 (esp. if you are thinking of upgrading from version 3), I can lend you the introductory training video disc which should give you an idea of stuff.

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  1. dave miers says:

    thanks for the offer in 2nd last paragraph