Sat 28th – the itinerary

8am – leave home
~ 8:40am – arrive at Wild St
9am – Doug and Jayme’s wedding
~ 11:45am – get out of there, head to Newtown
~ 12:30 – get lunch somewhere
~ 1pm – utilise facilities at Chappo to refresh before next wedding
~ 1:30pm – leave Chappo
[2pm - Vic and Claire's wedding, but I won't be there unless I can produce a cloning or teleportation device.]
2pm – arrive at St Tom’s
2:15pm – Snowy and Tania’s wedding
~ 4:30 – wonder what to do for an hour seeing as North Sydney business district is a ghost town on weekends.
5:30pm – Snowy and Tania’s reception in Manly
???? pm – Finally go home
???? pm – realise I need to keep the alarm set because I’m doing the morning service the next day …

So, what are you doing tomorrow?

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