I’ve just finished a week of learning a little linguistics, a little Uzbek, a dash of anthropology and hearing about the experience of Bible translation on Vanuatu. It’s been good. Some things were a total walk in the park for me (many may not be surprised at all by that). Other things were maybe a jog. Hearing about the perspectives of stuff on the field was great – helped me see a little more of what actually goes on out there. But I won’t really have much time to reflect and consider whether my thinking has changed with regards actually going overseas and doing translation stuff.

Also, Wycliffe/SIL generally have needs in many different areas, including teaching, admin, transportation (like flying and running a boat), mechanics, IT. If you feel like you want to serve out there but don’t think you are cut out because you’re not “like all those missionaries with Bible smarts and stuff” or something like that, ask Wycliffe if they could do something with what you’ve got.

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