Ideas for promoting Moore

My experience standing around and answering questions for the last few days has been instructive. Here’s some ideas I want to throw out there. If you know where the official line to send these is, let me know and I’ll forward it on.

1) Offline version of the Moore website
Why: internet access is not everywhere. Videos can be hi-res. Answers that go “it’s on the website somewhere” can be extended by “and if we check it out here …”
How: run a local copy with an appropriately configured Apache server

2) Frequently Asked Questions
I noticed that the website doesn’t have a page devoted to this. I also noticed various different questions that kinda hinged on the same underlying principle. It would also help if I knew the answers with some greater authority than my own experience, valuable as it may be. Seeing as Moore is getting into this whole video thing, you could film it.

3) More detailed pamphlets/brochures in addition to the single fliers we currently have
With the PTC courses, there is a guide that outlines the course units and what goes on. Surely some sort of guide that gives an outline of what to expect would be fairly helpful? It might also be helpful to say what is different between the BD and the BTh. Some people thought it was like the “candidate year” (this also harks back to my previous point).

One Response to “Ideas for promoting Moore”

  1. Reuben says:

    Hey Jason,

    Great ideas. good on you for putting so much time in behind the stand. I’m sure lots of people really benefited as a result.

    I’d email gary nelson/external studies as a start…