Expected denial

From the SMH:

Some beliefs seem to be contradictory. While 56 per cent of people believe in heaven, only 38 per cent believe in hell, and belief in God is much more popular than faith in the devil, with only 37 per cent of respondents believing in Satan.

Suspicious as I am generally of statistics (including courses in said subject, which from experience have been the height of unlistenability), I find the above interesting.
Even with the questions of “Are we talking about the same people?”, it’s intriguing and yet perhaps not unexpected that hell is a more uninviting prospect and easier to deny than the pie in the sky after you die. [sarcasm]I mean, it all turns out right in the end, right?[/sarcasm]
Still, a bit more than a third is not that bad, but perhaps it also tells us that the reality of judgment is something we need to well and truly alert people to.

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