Facing the Future: Bishops imagine a Different Church

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Ed. Stephen Hale and Andrew Curnow

I’m generally interested in knowing why things are the way things are. It’s part of my analytical nature. This means that I tend to have a general interest in history. Last summer I read Tom Frame’s book with that regard. This summer, I got to read the book shown above. It’s not about history, really. It’s a collection of short essays by a whole bunch of Australian bishops about the future of the Australian Anglican church.

One of the things you’ll notice in this book is the large number of instances of the phrase “Fresh Expressions”. If you’re not in the loop, you can do what I did and run it through google. You’ll probably end up here. It may surprise you (if you’re a Syd Ang, anyway) that we’re not the only ones interested in mission in the Anglican Church of Australia. This book seems to reveal a general large scale need for and conviction to do mission, if the bishops’ views here are somewhat representative. Of course, if you are a Syd Ang, then you are probably a little sceptical. Heck, I am. But they did bring Stuart Robinson in to lead the Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn.

To be honest, it will be probably take some time to see what the result of this mission focus in the Anglican church of Australia will be. So it will take some time to truly evaluate the worth of the sentiments expressed. But, if nothing else, read this book to hear what all these bishops are saying. If nothing else, pray that good comes from this sense of mission. If nothing else, go and make disciples.

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