The Trials of Theology

eds. Andrew Cameron and Brian Rosner

In first year, we all had a chance to read a draft of this book. Since then, there has been a significant amount of editing. In that version, there were a lot more voices from the past. Now, what you have is a series of 5 essays from JWW, the Don, Uncle Gerald, Carl Trueman, and Dennis Hollinger.

This present version I think is a big improvement on the draft. The present voices give good advice on the trials of theology as we presently know them. One wonders, though, how well these will date. But I guess that’s a question for 20 years time. As a whole, the volume (which is quite cheap) is quite encouraging. It’s a good read, and well worth it. I did rather like the Don’s chapter. It’s something that I think ought to be read by anyone in or considering study at a theological institution, and re-read as well to remember just what it is that we’re doing here. It’s also cheap, which means that you really ought to buy it as a gift for your friend who is thinking of taking up study at Moore (and all those other places I suppose but why not go to where the editors of this book teach? :) )
Is this book suitable for people not in or entering theological study? There’s a oft used saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. This book essentially aims to curb the danger part, and so anyone at risk of being full of a little knowledge might find this a helpful corrective.

All in all, you should help fund Andrew Cameron’s chicken farm and Brian’s fourth child. Buy this book. And get it for your friends too.

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