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30-2-30: 30

Friday, November 12th, 2010

There’s a party tomorrow. Check facebook for details.

An honour roll:
- Dave Miers, for commenting
- Mike Leong, for being a great friend
- Mark Earngey, for interesting conversations and other things besides
- Snowy, for pancakes and other fattening foods on the roof of Chappo
- Dan Bidwell, for eating aforementioned foods and otherwise being a top bloke
- Stan, for caring
- Tim and Dan, for getting better at Hebrew
- Nick Moll, for leading us in prayer
- Niggles, for endless amounts of humour
- Robbo, for being a great neighbour
- Joan, for welcoming me back every time
- Ben Cosford, for giving me a chance
- JR, for encouragement
- Mark Smith, without whom, where would I be?
- Haz, for good games
- Gary, for more interesting games with Haz
- many in the 5pm @ St James, for a feeling of home
- Ralph Whitten, for bringing your cajon

A list of nicknames (incomplete, not in any particular order):
- Jas-ooooon
- JA
- Au-chow
- Jauch
- Jase
- Jay
- Jay-Z
- J-Dog
- Institutes

A list of erroneous names (incomplete):
- Alex
- Justin
- James
- Jonathon

30-2-30: 29

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The end is nigh …

More lists. More tomorrow.

- the roof of Chappo by day, for blue sky
- the roof of Chappo at night, in the far corner, watching King St or the stars, for solitude and peace
- the park bench outside my room, for reading
- the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights, for reading with a hum of air con

An airing of grievances, and other concerns (anonymised, for etiquette):
- to those who did not remember, for a day I’d rather forget
- to one who seems unaware, from one with endless self-awareness. Have you checked the specks in your eye?
- for those who do not ask, and thus, do not receive.
- to those who did not seek me, and then sought me half-heartedly. You lost me the first time round.
- to a girl who confused me with closeness, and troubling me with distance.
- to another girl, for thinking I’d ever ask again. I never would and I’m still not going to.

30-2-30: 28

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The first of several lists, to do with life in the last few years.

To fallen comrades:
- Sam Mak – that Millie gal better be looking after you
- Chris Smith – missing playing Pro Evo and other things besides
- Veithy – It’s just not the same without you

For my FYG, or, the people who hung out with the Cameron’s bunnies on Wednesday mornings:
- Richard Maegraith – still loving your CD
- Tim and Belinda – you guys are great
- Dee – I hope Nick’s treating you well!
- Julie – that was a nice trip down to Albury for mission, despite even the hideously boring countryside
- Bruce Pass – you’ve rehabilitated my mental references of ‘Bruce’ to good!
- Brooksy – still stoked that you’ve come this far since Uni.

30-2-30: 27

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

First, allow me to point out the ’2007′ option on the archives.

This was the year that:
- work moved to Martin Place
- the ALP somehow managed to stay in government in NSW
- I applied to get into Moore. Of course, the entry process has since changed.

I remember the interview on that Saturday – Zeph Palmer was there, so was Sarah Cheng, and Jen Young too. Can’t remember who else off the top of my head.

And props to Jason Ramsay for getting me started on Calvin’s Institutes – that saved me a bit of time in the next summer …

30-2-30: 26

Monday, November 8th, 2010

A summary of this stage of my life:
- working as a programmer at Xplan
- at St James Croydon, 5pm congregation
- still at home
- still single
- became an uncle in the middle of the year

Ministry involvement:
- Sunday School (I’d eventually have done yrs 3-4, 5-6, and 1-2)
- co-lead of a Bible study
- occasional service leading

Extra-curricular ministry by this time:
- 5x at Sawtell SUFM (with one more after)
- 2x cooking at KYLC (as it was known then)
- 2x leading Crusader HSC study camp

Other ongoing activities:
- playing for the St James cricket team
- playing Vs system

30-2-30: 25

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

A back selection of old blog posts for today:

30-2-30: 24

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

After this post, this little series on my life catches up with my blogging life (refer archives on right). Some of the focus will change.

We left off with me finishing off my summer stint at SACS. Then I went back to being unemployed, albeit with at least some money in the bank. I then took up a job in a computer assembly factory that contracted for IBM. It was manual stuff, but hey, you talked to people while working. I was mostly working as a packer. It was fun, it kept me occupied.

Then I get an email from Gary Donovan telling me the company he’s working for is looking to hire a programmer. I have a chat, during which I meet Luke Deller again, and end up in Xplan. I’m brought in to work on data migration. The first few weeks are me slowly figuring out the system and the first migration job, which takes ages because I’m not sure what I’m looking for, etc. After that my speed accelerates because of built a platform that makes the job terrifyingly simple on the technical side. However, the client side is always the worst most difficult part of a job and you can’t fix that …

30-2-30: 23

Friday, November 5th, 2010

The result of being 3/4 time and the bureaucratic annoyances of transferring to Comp Sci resulted in me being at uni for the first half of 2003. After that, well, not much was happening. Couldn’t get programming work, which was vastly annoying. I ended up watching a few movies at Burwood, usually when there would be maybe 1 or 2 other people in the cinema.

By this time, St James had formed a 5pm congregation, which had been in operation for just less than a year. I’d said I’d join after I finished uni. So I did. Whereas 7pm was crowded, clique-y, an introversion nightmare, at 5pm I found myself more at home with the more manageable crowd size, being friends with pretty much everyone. By this time, I was also quite involved teaching a Sunday School class. It was a year 3-4 class, and one of the parents happened to be the principal of St Andrews in the city, who happened to need some help in the IT department. I got some work over the summer, and found out that Jo Mason had decided to go into teaching when I saw her on like her first week there or something.

30-2-30: 22

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

You know, I can’t remember when my brother was married. I don’t care – that’s his job not to forget the anniversary and not mine! So I’m going to tell you about it anyway and stuff when it happened exactly.

Here’s one of those extended family shots.

And here’s the smaller one that the parents keep in a small frame next to the pictures of the grandkids.

The wedding was at St Matthias. I was groomsman #3. The reception was at a hotel out in North Ryde, close to Macquarie Uni.

On a completely different topic, did you know I learnt to cook by going to KYLC? Yes, I learnt the ways of cooking by being on the cooking team at KYLC, and they were fun times. Like the time when the electricity went out, but we could still cook about a tonne of beef mince for spag bol because we were on gas, except it was a typical hot January in the mountains and the rangehoods and other electrically powered cooling devices were now non-operational …

30-2-30: 21

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

By mid 3rd year of Comp Eng, I was getting sick of the elec eng components. So I decided to switch to Comp Sci. For a start, it meant I could do cool subjects, like pure maths, especially algebra (aside: I’ve mostly forgotten all that, having never had to apply it). Secondly, I used this opportunity to drop to 3/4 time, which is a minimal full-time load, meaning I had spare time on my hands and still kept full train concessions.
One of the uses of my new-found spare time was the library. I discovered the small section they had on religion, and spent time there trawling for good reads. Thanks to one of the lecturers pointing out that though PDJ was the Anglican chaplain at UNSW, the library had nothing on him, various Matthias Media publications were on the shelves there. Score.

NTE this year was the last at Stanwell Tops before it moved to Canberra (there was a certain really bad bushfire …). Rod Earnshaw led the mission team to Central Coast Evangelical, and we stayed at the Oakley’s holiday house there. Lewis Jones was also on the team. One of the notable moments of that was when someone noticed that Rod’s bag was ‘Extreme 35′, and that such a ridiculous name for a bag sounded like a ridiculous action movie. And then the in-joke for the entire mission was formed. Eg.
“Where’s Lewis?”
“In the shower”
[movie trailer voice] ” … but will he come back?! Extreme 35″