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These Last 4 Years: the room

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Before. And after.

I’m going to miss my room. Some people like to call our rooms at Chappo, ‘caves’. But with the amount of stuff that builds up in here, you may be forgiven for thinking that these were TARDISes.

This room has been my home for 4 years. But packed up, the character, the ‘esse’, has gone. Only the name on the wardrobe genealogy and the memories of those who remain and remember are what is left of my presence here.

I will miss waking up and instinctively knowing where to turn my head for the time. I will miss having a basin in my room. I will also miss cheap internet! Ah, but alas, most of all I will miss it simply being my room. The smell, the feel, the vibe, the knowing where everything is, the 2 inches of screen and door between me and the random craziness happening out on the lawn.

This is the last in this series, for now I am gone from Chappo. But I will not forget easily, that much is sure. If this were the room that Jesus were to offer in his house, surely I would take it above the mansions that might line the streets of Hereafter.

These Last 4 Years: the ergonomic chair

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Friday spelt the end of the ergonomic chair era. Some mass donation of office furniture meant all the resos got new chairs. So the chair I am sitting on as I type this is one of those gas lift chairs of the kind that you’d see in the average office (now that takes me back …) But it wasn’t always that way.

The cushion, featured previously, was the first attempt at finding a solution to the general mediocrity of the supplied desk chairs here. They’re the same kind as in DBK, only, a blue-gray colour. That didn’t work, though the cushion has served many other uses besides. The real problem was getting a chair that would not destroy either my back or my glutes, which is what stock standard desk chair was doing to me. So I went and got myself an ergonomic chair.

That chair has supported me through many essays, Greek, Hebrew, a project, and hours of procrastination, and my back has been quite grateful. The upholstering has somewhat failed now, having noticeable dents where my knees and my backside go, though it is still sit-worthy. Nevertheless, for a very long time, it has held me up whilst I used this laptop. A comeback will happen, at my parents place, but I doubt it’ll see through another essay.

These Last 4 Years: oven

Friday, October 28th, 2011

This is actually Oven #2. Oven #1 (the black one, for those who remember and mourn its passing) died earlier this year due to uncleanliness. Some might say the uncleanliness of sin, some might say the uncleanliness of overuse without washing. You may scoff at this ‘oven’ – you couldn’t fit a roast in there! But I have won a cake competition from these, and baked many scrumptious delights, such as my famed cheesecake. Baking is such a joy, and the decision way back to go to Kmart and pick one up has repaid itself in so much joy to myself and the many who have delighted in what I’ve made. I doubt I’ll need this bad boy where I’m going, and so I hope that it continues to bring joy, and perhaps more than just frozen pies from the freezer.

These Last 4 Years: cushion and bench

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

I have spent many hours sitting on this cushion on this bench outside my room. I have spent them reading – set texts, exam prep, essay stuff, and stuff for fun. I have spent them looking yonder and pondering. I have spent them breathing in the fresh air. I have spent them waiting for cake to bake. I have spent them chatting to peeps outside my room.

I have spent them loving this place.

These Last 4 years: boots

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

These are my faithful ASICS footy boots. I got them in first year, when I realised that the potential volume of grass sports required a good pair of well-fitted footy boots. I got them from the Burwood Westfield Athlete’s Foot, and I think that these are quite possibly the best pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. See, I run faster in these. I feel like I get better acceleration and I can switch to ‘heels-up-knees-up’ speed mode easier in these*. Also, my feet just feel better in these than in any other football boots I’ve worn ever.

These things have played in Monday arvo soccer, touch on Wednesday, and frisbee, which used to be Thursdays but are now on Fridays. I’ve also played in these for the intercollege games, and this last season of soccer with Barneys FC. The wear pattern on the boots is highly indicative of my right-footedness.

All in all, I am fairly fond of these boots, and they remind of all the sport I’ve played whilst here at college.

* – to sprint faster, when running, pull your toes up, keep your heels off the ground, i.e. land on the ball of your foot, and focus on lifting your knees in your running action.