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NaGaDeMon: Days 6-8

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Sorry for the delay. Tuesday is Junk Mail and RPG day, and Wednesday I was out for lunch, and then the M5 east got closed, wrecking havok on the local traffic around Kingsgrove. Fortunately, I have my backstreet knowledge to draw on.

Anyway, work progresses on putting together ideas for cards. Today, I will trawl through the debate transcripts to come up with questions and policy areas. Tomorrow (and Fridays hereafter), I will post an actual number of ‘things that need to be written on cards’ so you can track my progress.

NaGaDeMon: Day 5

Monday, November 5th, 2012

In order to get ideas for the collection of random phrases, I figure that I can source random stuff from popular culture. And not so popular culture. It’s a good thing I have the complete works of Shakespeare. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of Shakespeare. And english literature and pop culture …

NaGaDeMon: Day 4

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Church. And sleeping post cricket. And soon, watching the F1. But I did find that the place on the internets to get US presidential election transcripts is simply . All too easy. Except I’ll actually need to wade through them all. Sigh.

NaGaDeMon: Day 3

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

No work done – playing cricket, obviously. And getting to see Bruce and his family again.

NaGaDeMon: Day 2

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Right, so, I opened up a new file on my “looks lame but is in fact awesome” note-organising system. The task list is in some respects simple.

Task A) Come up with enough cards to test with

Task B) Come up with enough cards to random playtest with

Task C) Come up with enough cards to make a final cut

I expect that I’ll need somewhere in the region of 80-100 random phrases, 50 policies, and 50-100 debate questions. I have a small start, but I figure the most help will come from farming other people’s ideas. The physical cards for testing are fairly easy, though a little time consuming. It will be system cards cut in two, a fairly simple job, but then writing it all out will be a slight pain. Even with printing you still have to cut-paste the damn things. Since this isn’t like a TCG or anything, the cut doesn’t have to be that precise either at this point.

NaGaDeMon: Day 1

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

A simple idea

The way the game runs is similar to Say Anything. I haven’t actually played it, only seen Wil Wheaton feature it on his youtube show. Anyway, the ‘mechanic’, if you will, is that one player in a round is the judge, reads out a card, everyone else responds to the card, the judge selects the response most to his liking in secret while everyone else wagers on what the judge will select, a reveal is made and points allocated accordingly, and then the judge position rotates. Rinse, repeat, lol. The mechanic is similar to Balderdash.

My game will utilise this basic mechanic. Each round, one person will be the judge/arbiter/holder of absolute power, who will read out a card. On this card will be a question of a kind that might turn up at an election debate. To then make things interesting, each player will then draw two cards: one set of cards contains generic policies, and one set contains random phrases. Each player will then attempt to briefly answer (or non-answer!) the debate question whilst mentioning what they have on their cards. Afterwards, the judge will secretly determine the one they like, while everyone else simultaneously attempts to guess the judge’s choice, and then reveal-score-next-round. The judge is the sole arbiter of ‘what he/she likes’, and so in theory you can ignore your cards if you’re hilarious enough. Or not. It’s a party game, so rules aren’t really the primary concern here.

The way ahead

Now, I’ve got to figure out some stuff to go on cards. If you want to help, jump in. At some point, I’ll need a dinner party to test this at.

NaGaDeMon: Prelude

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I’ve decided to participate in this. Potted summary: It’s like NaNoWriMo, only for games. Don’t know about either? Think of it as a “heightened game/novel-making season”. I’m also aware that it will be Movember as well. And while I’m at it, it’ll be my birthday in a few weeks. November sure is busy!

Anyway, I have a far simpler idea for a game than my previous ones that should also be easier to implement. That’s because it’s a party game in the sense of Balderdash, and the scoring mechanic I think is essentially the same as Say Anything. The game is inspired by the US presidential election debates. It is inspired by the seeming inability of the candidates to actually answer the question properly. Or rather, their “skill” at being able to turn any question into a means of spouting catchwords/phrases and highlighting certain policy positions again and again and again. Who’d've thought a debate on foreign policy would feature so many references to the domestic economy?

As far as I am able, I intend to post almost daily on my progress. As far as help goes, I need a party (where by party, I mean, small dinner party size) at which to play this game.