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Removing the top:

Step one

To begin, open the tailgate and remove the rear plastic window. Removing this first will make it much easier later on as the zippers on the rear window have more tension than any other part. Once removed, place on some carpet or somewhere safe around the house or in a purpose designed Roll Bag. Never ever roll the soft top up and attach it to the bow as the plastic will rub on itself and cause hazing.



Step two

Release the clamps from the windshield but DO NOT remove the hooks. By releasing the clamps and leaving the hooks in place you will be easing the tension on the rear side windows but ensuring the top remains in shape. You must move the sun visors to the side to give you complete access. Leave them there until the soft top is completely folded.



Step three

Remove each side window by first unzipping the entire length and then carefully sliding the plastic rails from the tub and door surrounds. As with the rear window either carefully lay them on carpet somewhere around the house or place them in a purpose designed Roll Bag.



Step four

Undo the retaining drip rail above the window surround. Gently grab a front section or a rear section of the rail (see picture below) with your index finger above and thumb underneath and pull down.They should slide down and out. Do the same on each side, front and rear.



Step five

Undo the hooks in the windshield holes.



Step six

Remove the rear corner rails. Carefully hold the rear soft top bow with one hand and guide/slide each rail from the tub. When both sides are removed, lay each rear piece on top of the roof of the soft top. Make sure you fold the roof corner inside out.



Step seven

Go to the front of the jeep and lift the header rail up and back, about 1/3 of the way until it sits in the upright position by itself.



Step eight

Carefully guide the rear soft top bow down behind the rear rollbar mounts until the bow touches the tub. It should be sitting on that part of the tub to ensure the top goes all the way down.



Step Nine

Now guide the next bow down. As you bring it down you must locate the rear roof tension belts and tuck them in so they don't come loose and flap about as you're driving. The rear corner rails should sit under the tension belts and they all need to be tucked in nicely before the bow folds down on top. At this point make sure the first bow is still sitting nicely on the tub.



Step ten

Bring the header rail down but as you lower it you need to locate the retaining drip rails that were above the window surround (step four) and fold them in so they fold together as you lower the header rail. This will allow the top to sit much lower.



Step eleven

Lower the header rail tucking in any loose canvas then gently push the whole lot down and you're done! There should be no soft top canvas outside the tub, if there is you may need to re-fold it. If it's a good fold it'll sit below the back of the rear seat and will not need to be restrained from wind, even at high speeds. Close the tailgate, making sure that all the soft top canvas is not in the way of the locking latch or you'll punch a hole in the top... just like i did ;)



Click here to go to the write up on how to install the top