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Final Fantasy IX - Ultimania (Square Enix/Studio Bentstuff/Digicube)

Chapter 7 - Mini Game - Mini Game No. 18: Sprint Race (Page 361)

Location: Alexandria (during Garnet's succession to the throne), MAP [2-1] Main Street (1)

Time: While controlling Vivi from the beginning of Disc 3, until going to the small theatre, MAP [2-18].


If you speak to Kaba-Obasan1, you can race with Kabao2. When Kaba-Obasan says "Don!"3 press the CIRCLE and SQUARE buttons alternately, and run towards the girl holding a red balloon. If Vivi wins, Kabao's Racing Level will rise, and in addition, his running speed will become faster, in proportion to his level. Also, Kabao's Racing Level has a limit of 100.

-Screenshot of Vivi standing next to Kaba-Obasan and Kabao, and talking to Kabao-

If you speak to Kabao, you can confirm his Racing Level at that point.

Racing Level

Normally, every time Vivi wins, Kabao's Racing Level will rise by 1, but if you beat him by 1 second or more, his current level will rise to the closest multiple of 5 all at once. For example, when Kabao's Racing Level is anywhere between 10 to 14, and you reach the goal faster than he does by 1 second or more, his racing level will become 15. However, if you press the CIRCLE and SQUARE buttons using an after-market controller with rapid-fire functions or something similar, be aware that even if Vivi wins, Kabao's Racing Level will not rise.4


Every time Kabao achieves a Racing Level that is a multiple of 10, Kabao will become faster and as thanks, you will receive a prize from Kaba-Obasan. However, when you reach levels 90 and 100, you will not receive a prize nor will any special messages show up. Furthermore, when Kabao's Racing Level reaches 20 or more, the Mogri5 named Mogrihi who is in front of the Knight's House in Treno MAP [46-9], will have a letter titled "New Champion" delivered to it.

"Sprint Race" Prizes

Kabao's Racing Level Prize
10 Wyad Card
20 Carrion Worm Card
30 Tantalion Card
40 Armstrong Card
50 Ribbon Card
60 Shinryuu6 Card
70 Genji Card
80 Athlete Queen


With your index finger to the SQUARE button, and your middle finger to the CIRCLE button, if you alternatively pressed them quickly with those two fingers, then it's relatively easy. On the configuration screen, change the confirm button from CIRCLE to CROSS, and with one hand, press the SQUARE and CROSS buttons alternately.

As for other techniques, there is also a style whereby you take hold of the center of the controller with your left hand (your right hand, hold as normal), and press the SQUARE button with your left hand's thumb and the CIRCLE button with your right hand's thumb. With this, you can make Vivi run by just moving the controller up and down, like you are shaking it.

1 Mother Hippo.

2 Hippo.

3 The Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a gunshot.

4 Is it really true that Turbo Controllers don't work? First of all, not all turbo controllers work. For this particular mini-game, not only do you need to press buttons fast and repeatedly, but you must alternate the button presses. Some controllers are not easily capable of this. Some are simply not fast enough. The intentional (?) Turbo Controller Bug and how to solve it: The aforementioned bug (whether it was made intentional or not intentional by the developers), prevents Kabao from rising a level if you run at 100% (Vivi's top speed) from start to finish. The solution is to run at 100%. However, at any point after the starting line and before the finishing line, let your fingers go of the button, allow Vivi to stand still for even as little as half a second, and then resume running at 100% to the finishing line. By doing so, this bug is completely overcome, and Kabao will gain levels as normal. You must allow Vivi to stand still AFTER the starting line. If you give Kabao a head start by delaying Vivi's start after the Kaba-Obasan says "Don!", and then you run at 100%, Kabao will still NOT rise a level. So if you want Kabao to rise levels for sure, then after Kaba-Obasan says "Don!", start running then immediately stop Vivi for a second, then run to the finishing line. Alternatively, immediately have Vivi run at 100%, but right before the finishing line, have him stop for a second (but not enough for Kabao to overtake you), then reach the finishing line.

5 Moogle.

6 Dragon God.