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Gensou Suikoden II - Perfect Guide (Konami)

Chapter 5 - Play Gensou Suikoden II To The Limits: Clive vs. Elza (Page 398)

The battle in Muse, Elza who has escaped, and Clive who is on the chase.

This is a side-story that is seperate from Gensou Suikoden II's main scenario.

Here, the various aspects will be described to meet each and every expectation.

For the pursuit of Elza, the play-time is the key.

In pursuing Elza, play time is important, and if your journey is late by even a little bit, then the events will not proceed. And looking at the final event, you must go to Imperial City Rurunoie1 by 20 hours (displayed as the Save Time). For those people who have thought about comparing with their own past play times, then by all means, do this challenge. Also, doing the 108 Stars in parallel is not necessary and is close to impossible.

-Screenshot of the protagonist, Clive and Elza in a forest-

The woman who was in the forest town was just a part-time worker. Next, advance to the shortcut and go to the Highway Village.

Event Details

1. Location: Muse City. Condition: Before going to the reconnaissance, head north along the path on the right side.
Situation: Encounter with Clive and Elza. Afterwards, the two will battle it out at Muse City's entrance.
Main Story
Muse City Fall
2. Location: Southwind City. Condition: Go to Lake West Town.
Situation: After speaking with Clive, he will become a party member, and will chase after Elza's tracks.
Northwind Castle Capture
3. Location: Lake West Town. Condition: Clive is in party.
Situation: When you receive the letter from the father of the inn, advance ahead.
11 Hours
Two River Defensive Battle
Greenhill City Infiltration
4. Location: Forest Village. Condition: Along with Clive, go to the back of the trading house and an incident will occur.
Situation: The woman who changed into Elza was only employed as a part-time worker.
13 Hours
To Rockaxe
5. Location: Highway Town or Rockaxe. Condition: Together with Clive, go to whichever one's inn.
Situation: If you ask about Elza's destination, the event will continue.
14 Hours
To the Republic of Toran
Decisive Battle with Luca
Tinto Offensive and Defensive Battle
Greenhill Offensive and Defensive Battle
Muse City Defeat
Rockaxe Liberation
6. Location: Radat Town. Condition: Along with Clive, enter the bar and an incident will occur.
Situation: Finally, the two will shoot bullets at each other, but Storm did not blow fire.
15 Hours
7. Location: Muse City. Condition: Go to Jouston's Hill along with Clive.
Situation: The execution of Elza was attempted, but once again Storm...
Highland Invasion
8. Location: Sajah Town. Condition: Meet the time restrictions and have Clive as a party member.
Situation: The final decisive battle of Clive vs. Elza will occur.
20 Hours

1 L'Renouille.