Exploring Silverpoint

The art of Silverpoint, or more correctly, Metalpoint is an old technique which reached its peak during the Renaissance period. Prior to the invention of the graphite pencil artists would use either charcoal or chalk for sketching and drawing work - neither of which was very durable. Pure metal (silver, gold or copper) is used to draw with on paper that has been prepared with a ground - creating a permanent and none fade line.

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'Rhinoceros Unicornis'
75cm wide x 65 cm high - currently unframed- Contact the Artist
for further information.

'Silver Lady'
45cm wide x 65 cm high - framed - Contact the Artist
for further information.

'Silver Autumn'
45cm wide x 65 cm high - unframed
Sliverpoint with watercolour and colour pencil. China White Ground.

Above: 'Leroy' Silverpoint on China White ground tinted with Windsor Blue - Sold

Above: Silver Natualis - Silverpoint on Gesso Ground - Sold

Below: 'Silver Shells and Cockle Bells' Silverpoint on traditional (rabbit skin glue) ground NFS