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Kiama Car Spectacular

Unread postby Sir Alec » Fri Dec 12, 2014 8:40 pm

James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

Hi all

Is anyone interested in coming to the Kiama Car Spectacular next sunday the 2nd nov? Thought it might be a nice trip down and a good day out.


25 Oct 2014, 11:14

I'm thinking 'bout going.

25 Oct 2014, 11:52
James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

That'd be cool Phill, I've reserved my spot.

25 Oct 2014, 15:30

Do you need to register??

25 Oct 2014, 16:54
James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

I just rang the mobile number on the pdf ... acular.pdf

0410 663 548 and gave them my name and make/model of my car. I think it's mainly so they can get a better idea for numbers on the day

25 Oct 2014, 17:27

I've got to work till 11am , so I might pop in at 11:30 on my way home

25 Oct 2014, 21:32
Kiama Car Show

Hi All
Are we going to meet up some-where and travel down together

26 Oct 2014, 08:45
James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

Hi Bruce

I thought that might be a nice idea. When I spoke to the person on the phone she said that they'd like the cars in no later than 8am.

Would we maybe be able to meet at Key Batteries at 7am or something?

26 Oct 2014, 20:46

I emailed that I was coming. The reply said cars definately in by 10am. I'm sure as long as we are there Around 830 9 should be fine.

If anyone is coming just email as james said I think it will help them know numbers and reserve space.

27 Oct 2014, 16:27
James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

Oh that's a bit more of a reasonable time Phill, I thought 8am was pretty early.

What time should we all meet then?

27 Oct 2014, 22:10

Well James you and I could meet at Bulli Shell Servo at
say 7:45 if you like,

...then we'll drop in at Keyes Batteries to pickup if anyone is there (8:00) then head down.

Bruce I guess you can either come up to Keyes or we can come thru Dapto and pick u up on the way past, up to you.

So if there are others interested in coming it might be an idea to email the show organisers and then be at Keyes Battery service at 8am if you want to head down together.

28 Oct 2014, 14:51
Kiama Show

Ga-Day Phil
I notified the Kiama Show people yesterday that i was entering my Mini in the show, I'll meet you at Keys the drive up is always good

29 Oct 2014, 09:14
James P
Kiama Car Spectacular

Hi Phill

That sounds good, I will meet you at the Shell servo at 7.45am

29 Oct 2014, 13:35
kiama show

see you guys at woonona shell sevo in the morning

01 Nov 2014, 19:45
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