HELP SUPPORT TEAM BMC - 2017 Camp Quality escapade

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HELP SUPPORT TEAM BMC - 2017 Camp Quality escapade

Unread postby Sir Alec » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:57 am

Hi Everyone

For the last 4 years 'Minis in the Gong' have supported Craig ‘Watto’ Watson aka ‘Team BMC’ in charity rallies and this year is no exception with the Mini Van now doing a fine impression of Thunderbird 4 in preparation for the 2017 Camp Quality ‘esCarpade’.

This year for various reasons (see below) the fundraising efforts have been a little slow, in fact if Watto and his co-driver Peter van Alkemade (aka PvA) do not achieve the minimum fundraising amount soon they may not be eligible to enter this years rally at all!!

Therefore Minis in the Gong would like to give Team BMC a bit of a boost and encourage everyone to dig deep and help Watto and PvA achieve their fundraising goal of $14,000 for this great cause.

Donating is easy, simply follow the link below to Team BMC’s fundraising page.

Below are some pics of the Mini Vans preparation and a recent message from Watto.

You can also follow the team on Facebook at


Minis in the Gong

Message from Watto and PvA - 14th Sept, 2017

Only 37 days to go until the start of esCarpade 2017...and things are looking grim for Team BMC, aka Thunderbird 4.
We are still some $1,200 short of our minimum requirement and around $10,000 below our target. Last year we raised over $14,000, which would have been enough for 14 children to attend junior camp for a few days' respite from hospital and cancer treatment.

Our tally so far this year, and we are quickly running out of time, could only support three children to the same level.

This year has frankly been very disappointing. I understand some people are feeling the pinch, some are suffering "charity overload" and others have donated previously, and we don't expect support from the same people every year, but I also think that a lot of people have been put off by the atrocious, biased and poorly presented story that appeared on Chanel 7's Sunday Night programme.

As I have said many times, we and the esCarpade are not in any way associated with the company that was featured in that story, and Camp Quality ended its relationship with that company months before the story went to air. Rest assured that every cent that you donate to Camp Quality through esCarpade and individual entrants goes to supporting children living with cancer and their families.

Don't forget, I also have the kids' cookbooks for sale - for $10, of which 100% goes towards our fundraising (I am paying the postage).

We also still have plenty of space on the Mini for some business names, so if you think that your business could benefit from a little national or global exposure (I will be doing a story on the event for Mini World Magazine), or you just think the kids of Camp Quality would benefit from a bit of extra financial support, then give me a call on 03 5250 4842 or 0427 537 443.

We have almost 1,000 people following this page. If each one donated only $10 then we would almost reach our target.

For the many who have already supported us, I offer our sincere thanks. Every one of you will be recognised on the Mini and on our Facebook page, and many will be noted in the many photos that will appear of the car.
Most recently, and yet to be added to our tally, we have had two more subscribers of The BMC Experience donate their refund to our fundraising - so thanks to John Kelso and Paul Vanny. At last Sunday's Mini Muster in Brisbane I also sold another three cook books, so that's another $30.

Still a long way to go and very little time.


Watto (and PvA)

18882054_789768314523463_8257595760109057981_n.jpg (115.57 KiB) Viewed 294 times

21151346_836997333133894_4585398890069899831_n.jpg (74.6 KiB) Viewed 294 times

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