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Leffler Race Mini - help needed

Unread postPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:01 pm
by PhillB
A member has asked for help from anyone who might recall the details of the pictured John Leffler race Mini...

Please either post below or email if you can help in any way.

I am building a model of the John Leffler mini as attached below.

I can't put finger on some sponsors logos, in particular the yellow circle on the front guard and the light blue and black sticker behind the door number. Also what I think is, the "Powered By........." decal in front of the door number and GTX logo. Can anyone rattle their memory to recall them? They are familiar, but elude me.

If you can identify them and get back to me. I would be greatly appreciative.

I will then, hopefully, be able to find a good example on the web and print them off to make an accurate as possible miniature replica.

Imageleffler mini by Phill Boye, on Flickr