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Anna-conda, Bimble, Bullfrog, Emu, Goat, Weasel and Wombat

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Deep Pass Canyon

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River Caves Canyon  
Pipeline Canyon

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A Wolgan River Canyon Photos 25th Sep 2004 Trip Report
Hole In The Wall Canyon Photos 11th Dec 2005 Trip Report    
Serendipity Canyon

Photos 13th Apr 2006

Photos 13th Oct 2006

Trip Report

Trip Report

Jugglers Canyon

Photos 14th Apr 2006

Photos 14th Oct 2006

Trip Report

Trip Report

Coachwood / / Rocky Ck Canyons

Coachwood Photos 17th Feb 2007

Rocky Creek Photos 17th Feb 2007

Coachwood Report

Rocky Ck Report

Twister Canyon Twister Photos 18th Feb 2007 Twister Report    
Devil's Pinch Canyon

Devil's Pinch Photos 15th Jan 2008(no photos this time)

Devil's Pinch Report    
Whungee Wheengee Canyon Whungee Wheengee Photos 24th Jan 2008 Whungee Wheengee Report    

Links to other canyoning websites that I have found very helpful and inspiring:

Tom Brennan's Canyoning Site http://ozultimate.com/canyoning

Dave Noble's Canyoning Site http://www.ozemail.com.au/~dnoble/canyoning.html

Craig and Mandy's Canyoning Site http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Gorge/2151/

WARNING: This site has been established for the sole purpose of sharing pictures and notes from our trips and may be totally boring to anyone else.