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Bike rider of numerous years, enduro, scrambles, trials and a lot of touring.  Known as a BMW & Bultaco Nut who also likes MZs!   Of course you know! you don't have to ride a GS just to get dirty!  In OZ inevitably the tar will stop & the dirt will start, so "keep going" and most marques will get you there!  Lest you miss the best bits!. 

Our RS (only 200,000 km old) has done the "the big lap", a few border runs and quite a lot of dirt miles. The edge of the Simpson, Mt Augustus & any rally track you care to mention!  It's just undergoing a mid life re-fit & will emerge in honourable semi-retirement as a Mt Glorious Sunday morning sportster!   Looking for "Off Centre" places to go in OZ?  Check out Mt Augustus, it's bigger than Uluru, harder to get to but just not as well known.  This bike has been there, 3ookm dirt each way two up.  No worries!


Obstacle ride with pillion 'Grahame the Glove man' Bingarra circa 1984
I first tackled the South Road in "82" using my newly constructed R100RTO (a BM outfit built on a 90S base, to 100RT specs, leading link & chariot chair)  Here we are, somewhat shagged 2/3 of the way along at a long bulldozed roadhouse.  What could vibrate & fatigue did, best around speed 100km/hr given that it took a real effort to get above the dirt corrugations i.e. above 60Km/hr! 

    The bad part wasn't fixing the bits, it was the Semi that came round the corner 2 minutes later!!

Photo taken at Marla Bore - Now a flash roadhouse on the black top! Who cares about road-trains!
Doing the "loaves & fishes" trick!  Camped near the banks of the "Cooper" Creek - well I am not that far away, it's about 2km.  In fact we were just over the road from the Stonehenge pub! 

A fire, some Jaffle Irons (one carried per person), a chocolate cake mix, "some one must carry the egg" (fresh / unbroken), and do not forget some UHT cream and a whisk.   Then you have ... a mouth watering desert dezert!

A Trangia stove might not be the best tool to use, but 'Beggars can't be Choosers!"

Here is a Joke told by certain Swiss "OZ Adventurer's"

"Hah! ...Trangia 20 minutes ... MSR 2 Minutes!"    Then they "laugh"     ?????

Can't see it myself especially if the cakes come out all right.  Mind you, I use a Colman spirit stove now!              

Take a cake mix, an egg, UHT milk and ...... Stonehenge Off Centre Run 1992!
The Author, having just arrived at Mt dare station after a long night journey, having a well earned beer & ponding where to erect the tent ie. What Grass!

If you hear "Nang, Nang, Nangkadang Dang"... coming up the track,  you'll know I coming and the BM's broken!  Photo taken 20km South of Lyndhurst looking toward the western side of Wilpena Pound (Flinders Ranges).  Lyndhurst is where the tar stops and the Birdsville, Strezlecki & Oodnadatta Tracks start. Phote taken at the end of tar north of Lyndhurst before the start of the Birdsville & Strzlecki Tracks.  The range you can see is teh western end of 'Wilpena Pound'

The bike only became a problem in sand dune country NW of Oodnadatta (being top heavy - it had to lay down!).  In fact in some ways, it performed better than a two up 80GS on the Andado Track due to it's lighter weight, not breaking through the sand crust as much (Not in the power stakes mind!)

Last but not least - my MZ ETZ250GS!  I needed a bike to get to the 94 "Off Centre" at Mt Dare Station in the Simpson Desert.

I saw a MZ for sale, bought it (complete with crash damage) and set it up for the trip.  First fitting a 40lt tank, universal block tyres, GS bars, old Craven panniers, bark busters, BMW /7 Police solo seat, and higher gearing.  A 2 Lt container of two stroke oil, and 10 lt of water got me underway. 

uhtbt.jpg (33673 bytes)

A 1000km ride home on a hot Janruary Sunday dictated that a SPA was a must! And you thought I hadn't mentioned  anything about beer?

Cheers! ....(RTO)

Hey it's great to come home after a long ride!