1965 Candy Apple Red Mosrite Ventures Model

Make: Mosrite
Model: Ventures Model
Colour: Metallic Red (Candy Apple)
Year: 1965
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Case: Original/Missing Handle, Extremely warn and battered with LOS EKIS painted on it (Mexican Band? any ideas)
Comments: Beat but Sweet! All original and average condition, with several dings on the front and back. Laquer on the back of the neck warn through, as well someone has laquered over the rosewood on the neck. Looks as though the original colour was Blue Sparkle, but has been painted gold and then red over the top?(maybe Semie painted it blue then someone wanted a candy apple red mosrite?) Sounds great and is nice and easy to play (dont have to worry about damaging it). My favourite everyday player!


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Price at 1966: $398.00 US Dollars + $54 for a hardcase.

The first “Official Ventures” guitar was available in 1963. The first model was a set neck, celluloid bound body with a large “The Ventures” logo on the headstock. They were available in red or sunburst only. The jack was on the side of the guitar and these are referred to as side jack models.

The necks were very thin and had extremely low frets known at Mosrite as speed frets. They had a zero fret and semi circular type metal string guide (nut). The vibrato unit on these early models was called a Vibramute and had a special muting mechanism near the bridge. The Ventures used this model on their January 1965 tour.

In 1964 the jack was moved on to the scratch plate and the body binding was dropped. The neck joint was changed to the bolt on type but the screw heads were covered by a metal plate and then eventually went to a standard type bolt on neck through the plate.

The Ventures logo became smaller in mid ’64 and the pick ups changed to show the Mosrite of California logo embossed on them, but with no R for registered trade mark.

Sometime in mid ’65 the vibrato unit is changed to a Moseley type, which is essentially the same unit but now being die cast and with Moseley embossed into it. The mute mechanism had long since disappeared.

Volume and tone knobs are changed to a “hat type” with an “M” stamped on top and are numbered from 1 to 5 with V and T. In ’66 the knobs are changed again to something very simlar but taller and without the V and T embossed in them. Also around this time the string guide is changed to a 1/4 round unit.

Necks are made from two or three pieces of rock maple but are still very thin with extremely small and low frets installed. Most Mosrites have had truss rod adjustment at the headstock end since early to mid 65 but in mid to late ’66 the truss rod adjustment is moved to the headstock end of all models inc the Ventures model and a plastic rod cover installed.

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