1965 Daphne Blue Fender Mustang

Make: Fender
Model: Mustang
Colour: Daphne Blue
Year: 1965
Serial Number: L844XX
Case: Original Grey
Comments: Another Very nice small scale student guitar. All original and good condition, with several small dings on the front and back and a bit of buckle rash. Laquer on the back of the neck is still like new making me think that this has not been played much at all. The original colour daphne blue has faded to a more aqua blue colour. Sounds great (great jangle sound from shorter scale) and is nice and easy to play.


Reference Information:
Information below is from
‘The Fender Book, A complete history of Fender electric guitars’
by Tony Bacon & Paul Day.

MUSTANG 1964-81

Price at 1964: $189.50 US Dollars.

Both pickups angled, slide switches above pickups, vibrato tailpeice.

Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Option of 22.5-inch scale/21 frets or 24-inch scale/22 frets (24/22 only from 1969). Truss-rod adjuster at body end. Plastic tuner buttons (metal from 1975). One string guide (two from 1975). headstock face of ‘Competition’ version sometimes matches body colour.
Offset-waist contoured body (early examples with slab body). Sunburst or colours, including ‘Competition’ body stripes option (1968-73).
Two angled white or black plain top pickups.
Two controls (volume, tone) and jack socket, all on metal plate adjoining pickguard. Two Selector slide-switches on pickguard.
Twelve-screw pearl or tortoiseshell laminated plastic pickguard (black laminated plastic only from 1975).
Six-saddle bridge with vibrato tailpeice.

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