Anyway I was home so when they came by

I have little hope its still usable but Ill try it anyway

Tabs destroyed. canada goose clearance Plans ruined.. We picked it up this morning and he left to go out of state this afternoon. He wanted to take it with buy canada goose jacket him so he could trip with his best friend who lives up there. I had no objections since he spent the majority of the money on it anyway. He was only canada goose outlet canada goose store shop going to be gone for the weekend after all, but canada goose black friday sale I still wanted canada goose outlet online to trip this weekend. So I just took 2 tabs of the 1/4 sheet. I folded them in piece of paper, and and he went on his way.

So I unknowing, dropped them Canada Goose sale out of the paper sometime between walking from his car and walking into my house. So I pay these guys every month to just come and cut the canada goose uk outlet grass. They canada goose outlet just come over and knock canada goose coats just to let me know they canada goose outlet store uk going to start mowing. If I not home they do the front yard canada goose factory outlet and leave a little “we missed you” slip to tell me when they canada goose outlet uk can come by official canada goose outlet and do the backyard. Anyway I was home so when they came by, but I didn think nothing of it and let them do their canada goose Canada Goose online shop outlet reviews job.

Fast forward till just about an hour ago, grass is cut, landscaper gone, and trip will soon ensue. To my dismay, the tabs weren in their loosely taped and folded, paper home. Thus begins panic uk canada goose outlet mode. I went threw every possibility from the kids who walk past my house to their bus stop finding them. Only to trip balls at school (They Emoji print blotters so it would catch the eye of the social media crazed preteen) To the landscapers finding them and turning canadian goose jacket it into the cops. To leaving it canada goose jacket outlet in my friend mom vehicle for her to find and trip absolute shit.

I retrace my steps, search canada goose outlet uk sale my whole house, and front yard in hysteria. I canada goose uk shop was in such Canada Goose online I panic I thought my neighbors were on to me. I thought I must have looked like a fucking psychopath on my hands and knees crawling around looking through my freshly cut grass in nothing but a pair of athletic shorts.

I devised buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose outlet new york Canada Goose Jackets city a plan. I would go out side for a smoke every 10 minutes or so and pretend I was just mindlessly wandering around wasting time while I got my fix. canada goose outlet toronto factory When in reality, I probably looked even more like a chain smoking lunatic by being goose outlet canada randomly fascinated by the beauty of canada goose every blade of my fine trimmed suburban greenery. canada goose outlet sale I shit canada goose clearance sale you not over the course of this last hour it felt like going through all 5 stages canada goose outlet store of grief.

First denial

“There no way this can be the tabs. It probably some random section paper litter that must canada goose coats on sale have flew into my yard some Canada Goose Coats On Sale how”

Then Anger

“This is some bullshit! He gets to have a great weekend filled with pure L! I should have never let him take all canada goose outlet nyc those Canada Goose Outlet tabs out of uk canada goose state! He should have taken all but what he needed canada goose outlet canada and I should have kept them safe in my possession!”

Followed By Depression

“There no hope for my elaborately planned weekend that work free and filled with mind altering amazement. Everyone going to have a blast this weekend except for me.”

Then Came The Bargaining

“If only I had made absolutely sure they were safe in the paper they wouldn have ever fell out, or if I had just checked that exact spot before the landscaper canada goose outlet black friday came I would have been able to recover canada goose outlet parka them before their demise.”

And Finally Acceptance

“I guess it fine. I mean he be back by Monday. I could still canada goose black friday sale try to take them. I guess if cheap canada goose uk my fears turned to true, and my canada goose outlet in usa tabs turn out to be completely obliterated I could just relax without the stress of work and responsibilities”

I will Canada Goose Online be taking the mangled corpse of my, once perfectly laid canada goose factory sale tabs of Canada Goose Parka LSD. I highly doubt it will work and will canada goose outlet jackets probably canada goose outlet online uk just connect me with cheap Canada Goose my inner cow and field grazing, due to the likely very strong taste of grass. I update in a few ours and might follow up with canada goose uk black friday a trip report if it goes well.

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