Now let us all follow China example and slowly move into a

‘I am gay’ protests as China bans ‘homosexual’ content on Weibo

The king had a male lover, Mizi Xia, who was really really Canada Goose online hot. The king let him get away with all kinds of shit because he was so hot.Usual Canada Goose Parka punishment for using the royal carriage without permission: getting your feet chopped off. Boy Toy found out his mom was sick, forged a royal order, and ran uk canada goose off to see his mom; the king praised him for how much he loved his mother.They were walking in the garden when the Minister of Hotness took a bite out of a peach and passed it to the King. King praised him for ignoring his own canada goose factory sale hunger in order to give the king something sweet canada goose clearance (and spawning Chinese slang for gay sex).Way down the line, he no longer the new hotness, but old and busted. Depending on the specific time period and your social class, Chinese society was by and large willing to overlook canadian goose jacket homosexuality so uk canada goose outlet long as you were able to start Canada Goose sale a family and raise children on the side.This canada goose clearance sale started to change once the influence of Christian missionaries entered the country.Homosexuality canada goose uk black friday is often seen as canada goose a western decadence and if they go the route of Russia they will target gays as a way of showing how they stand up to the West.Secondly China doesn’t like any group that protests official stances. Gays are stuck canada goose coats between a rock and a hard place there either they protest and get targeted for being against he party or suffer in silence where nothing changes.Then you cheap canada goose uk just have plain old ignorance and bigotry. Maybe someone canada goose coats on sale decides it’s a health crisis and gays spread disease or are mentality canada goose store ill or they insult people’s religious sensibilities. All of canada goose jackets on sale canada goose uk outlet these Canada Goose Online things could become easy material to scapegoat problems with a moral panic. The religions/philosophies (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism) cheap Canada Goose generally don portray homosexuality as a sin, which contrasts greatly with the West biggest religions which outright forbid homosexual practices.So, there definitely been homophobia in China before, but this Canada Goose Coats On Sale seems to be a growing trend. I ascribe it to China sense that LGBT groups in other countries have become politically influential, and want to avoid this by any means. The government will have a database of every gay person that can be identified by facial recognition which they will buy canada goose jacket use to discriminate and deem them as lower class citizens taking away all quality of life.I read that you lose social credit points for simple things like not paying parking tickets or playing video games too long. It can be abused in so many different ways and it is a perfect mechanism for total societal control by the few. Orwell is turning in his grave right now.The Chinese not protesting this and going along with it is literally terrifying. Have we, as a humanity really accepted this neofeudal slave mentality so completely that there is no more Canada Goose Jackets will to fight the insane system but instead just buy canada goose jacket cheap bow down and accept our fates as some kind of mindless, powerless peon drones?I mean I know the Chinese have it bad in many ways, but this is just the most transparent push for canada goose uk shop control I ever seen.Big brother is watching, all Canada thecanadagooseoutlet Goose Outlet is well. Now let us all follow China example and slowly move into a social credit system society!In my personal experience homosexuality among young women is at the very least more open and obvious in China. To the degree canada goose black friday sale that homosexual young women seem to outnumber gay men. That may be a product of stigma against male/male homosexuality or something but if that actually the case it won help freeing up women to have more babies to balance the population. Disclaimer: Not that I think this is an area government should intervene just saying if there are fewer women and a higher population of them have given up on traditional heterosexual pairing off then the girl shortage won fix itself.

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