So they don use their blinkers and they at canada goose black

Cops would be much more popular if they ran fewer speed traps and pursued more tailgaters and asshats who don’t use their blinker

.(self)The true ass hats are speeders like you. You cause the people to not use their blinkers, moron, because when they use their blinkers, canada goose canada goose clearance outlet store psychos like you don canada goose outlet shop bother to look at those blinkers, speed up, and block the lane that canada goose outlet toronto factory people need to get in to get off. So they don use their blinkers and they at canada goose black friday sale least have a buy canada goose jacket cheap chance of changing lanes to the canada goose outlet uk lane they need canada goose outlet uk sale to get off. Fuck you piece of shit. I dash cam you and put canada goose jacket outlet your ass all over the internet, connecting your license plate to canada goose outlet sale whatever I can. I also call the cops on hypocritical psychos canada goose outlet Canada Goose Jackets black friday like you and have got plenty canada goose clearance like you, maybe even you pulled over and ticketed. LMAO ROFL. FUCK YOU. People blow that red light all the time so canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet eventually canada goose outlet store uk the local PD starting sending someone to sit in our parking lot nearly 24 hours a day and watch that intersection. Now when people blow that light and drive into Canada Goose sale our parking lot they all pissy because the cops need to “go somewhere else in the city and stop some real canada goose black friday sale crimes”. Like yeah dumbass they canada goose outlet jackets stopped you from potentially getting into an accident and killing someone.

I remember once I called the police on this asshat that canada goose store parked in a handicap spot. Within like 2 minutes there were two cop cars, dude got smart with them, ended Canada Goose Outlet official canada goose outlet up having warrants. He resisted arrest and got roughed up, and it made my day.

Afterwards we were having a little chat canada goose outlet online and they both expressed that even if he hadn had warrants or anything, they absolutely canadian goose jacket fucking love busting people who do stupid thoughtless Canada Goose Online things like parking in handicap spots, hurting animals, and general asshatery.

I like canada goose outlet online uk to think we need to reform how police are funded, and make them rely less on fines for minor infractions. Also I think it be awesome canada goose outlet parka to be able to use canada goose outlet canada ticket revenue to fund more educational support for troubled kids. Most fines either go directly to the state or the city, not the department.

At my old department, canada goose clearance sale their fines canada goose would go to a general Canada Goose online fund of the city. The general fund in turn is used to things around the city filling potholes, city beautification, cutting grass, maintenance of city vehicles, etc. The general fund is not used for payroll.

My new department cheap canada goose uk functions in the very same way.

Both departments I’ve worked for, plus all of the surrounding agencies canada goose uk shop worked in the same fashion. I know of one department canada goose factory sale in the area I was familiar with that uses ticket revenue for subsidizing payroll budgets. They’re there, and I’m not saying it’s right either it’s just they’re just in the minority.

Told the dispatcher “There a douchebag in a Lamborghini parked in the uk canada goose outlet handicap spot” and she about died laughing when she called it over the radio, before getting off the phone with me.

Less than 3min later two cops show up, pull up behind him and run Canada Goose Parka the plate, fill out the ticket and hide on the buy canada goose jacket side of the building. Douchebag comes out of the store, greasy neckbeard looking smug as fuck. Cops slowly creep up canada goose outlet new york city behind him, laughing, Canada Goose Coats On Sale block him off right as he opens his door, hand him the ticket and drive off, still laughing.

3 of the 4 of us had our night made.

I worked in the mall for several years and constantly saw young and able bodied people parking in the spots and laughing as they get out. Yes, I know some disabilities are goose outlet canada invisible but when a car full of teens park there or someone who runs into the mall canada goose uk outlet to go grab something really quick then I have my doubts. And I not an advocate for someone being able to leave do whatever they want with canada goose uk black friday a gun, but being sensible uk canada goose with it.

For example, I had canada goose outlet reviews a call the other day off two people attempting to break canada goose coats into a house, the caller was a resident who didn have any canada goose outlet in usa firearms. They were scared out of their wits, could barely get an address out of canada goose factory outlet them. If they had something there that could have provided them with a measure of security and peace of mind, it would have been fantastic. As it was, I was stuck on the phone with them reassuring them as deputies were en route and my partner had to handle literally everything else.

That ties up cheap Canada Goose me as a resource and puts my guys in harm way as my partner canada goose outlet nyc gets overwhelmed with everything going on.

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