Univox SuperFuzz

Make: Univox/Unicord
Model: SuperFuzz
Colour: Bright Orange with Blue Foot Pad.
Year: 19??
Serial Number: N/A
Transistors: 537ET
Comments: In great condition,payday loans online and still has the original ‘PRODUCT OF UNICORD INC.’ sticker on foot pad. Great Fuzz sound, with some nice possibilities, when the expander knob is rotated.

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Reference Information:


Price at 1976: $39.50 US Dollars.

Forget everything you thought you knew about fuzz pedals.

If your exposure to this crazed effect has been through newer boutique models or any of the mega manufacturers fuzz attempts, you may want to check this one out.

The Univox Super Fuzz is the ultimate fuzz box of all time.

This produces an otherwordly mixture of an self-destructo fuzz mixed with obvious Octavia-like overtones.

This effect will always drop jaws and split ears but just don?t ever expect to tame it.

It has a mind of its own and you will be its wimpering slave forever.

It is fuzzier, meaner, and trashier than anything we?ve ever played with and it will pummel you into submission.

The classic Univox is an unmistakable site with it?s bright Orange sheel and massive grey footswitch bearing the SuperFuzz logo.

There are earlier silver-box models of this but this is the one with THE sound.

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