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This year, Walsh has yet to take a snap and Kramer is on the verge of setting numerous club records, having completed 216 of 357 passes for 2,809 yards and 24 touchdowns.

“It has been frustrating. Erik has played well and we have played very well offensively,” said Walsh. “It has been enjoyable, at least, to sit there and watch and know that if I have the opportunity, the weapons are in place. wholesale jerseys We are able to be a little more productive than last year, if I get my opportunity.”

“I have learned a lot this year, in another year of sitting and watching. It is a more relaxed situation than playing, but it has just been frustrating after having a lot of plays last year,” said Walsh.

Kramer has managed to remain healthy this season, but Walsh realizes his number could be called at any time in an emergency.

“I feel like the last three or four weeks I have practiced as well as I have all year,” said Walsh. “I’m trying to get geared up for my opportunity coming down the stretch.”

Walsh signed a one year, $1.5 million contract last spring after being virtually ignored by other clubs in the free agent market.

“If something happens this week, or even next week, there is still enough football left that could change the (free agent) situation both here and elsewhere for me,” said Walsh. “I have been happy here for the most part, as happy as you can be not playing. It has still been enjoyable with the teammates and coaching staff.”

Gift ideas: The day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year. http://www.cheapnfljerseysonlinee.top So let’s take a look at the current sales of some of the hottest sports items in Chicago.

Fandemonium, the merchandise shop inside the United Center, reports sales are up this year thanks to the influx of new merchandise, including:

Chris Chelios jerseys: They are different from last year’s because they have a captain’s “C” on them this season. “We can’t keep them in stock,” says Fandemonium General Manager Brad Riggert.

Bob Probert jerseys: They are only slightly behind the sales pace of Chelios, Jeremy Roenick and Ed Belfour jerseys.

Dennis Rodman apparel: The only sports apparel that ever sold faster than the Rodman merchandise was the Michael Jordan No. 45 line last spring.

Bulls 30th anniversary souvenirs: 95 percent of the 30th anniversary basketballs ordered for the store were sold in one week.

Bulls black road jerseys: They are selling at a Rodman like pace.

Picks to click: Here are this weekend’s NFL winners: Bears over Giants; Miami over Indianapolis; Buffalo over New England; Cincinnati over Jacksonville; Philadelphia over Washington; Green Bay over Tampa Bay; Houston over Denver; Seattle over the New York Jets; Cleveland over Pittsburgh; San Francisco over St. Louis; Atlanta over Arizona; New Orleans over Carolina; and Oakland over San Diego. Last week’s record: 9 6; year to date: 96 69.

Feeling left out: Olympic speedskating champion Bonnie Blair, who retired in March, says she is going through competition withdrawal this time of year.

“It’s hard for me,” said Blair. “Just this last Tuesday, all of the skaters left for Europe, and my heart broke. Sure, you want to be there. But you also want to be there when you are in shape and you know you are ready. I am not ready for that. It is not just the competition; I miss the friends that I have made all over the world and the places that we go that are familiar for me, almost like home. My heart has been kind of tugging at me this last week.”

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