This article is for those people who have a Yahoo Groups account, but would like to configure things so that they get the group emails forwarded to their normal email account.

If you already receive Yahoo Group emails direct to your normal email account, please disregard this article.

The main benefits:

  • Get new postings as soon as they are posted.
  • Replies to Yahoo Group messages automatically get posted back to the group.
  • No need to ever login to Yahoo Groups again to get updates on what's happening.

To set it up, first login to your Yahoo Group Account at Yahoo Group Login.  You should now see a screen like:

After clicking as shown you will then see.  Continue to follow the steps:
When choosing the email address, choose your normal home email address, NOT one that ends with yahoo.com.au.
If your normal home email is not listed, you may need to click on the "Add New Email" link to add it.
You may also need to edit the Subscription section shown in the above picture, so that "Message Delivery" is "Individual Email" (or possibly "Daily Digest").  The other 2 options ("Special Notices" and "No Emails") will not be very useful if you wish to receive the emails since only one option can be chosen.