Ignition Timing Light & NDS Timing completely DIFFERENT!!

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Ignition Timing Light & NDS Timing completely DIFFERENT!!

Post by BoostedVG » 21 Oct 2012, 14:06

Hey Guys,

I just recently purchased and installed NDS 1 V1.62. For some reason, the NDS Timing shows 56. However, I double checked the ignition timing with the timing light, and it shows ~ 20 degrees BTDC.

I took out the distributor and retarded it 1 tooth and then 2 teeth. No matter where I set the distributor, the NDS timing shows 56. I went to active test, and set to retard the timing -15 degrees, but the lowest it will then read is 45 on the NDS.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? FYI - the vehicle is an 89 Maxima featuring JWT Infiniti M30 ECU, programmed for 750cc Inj, Ford Lightning MAF, Turbo and 8.5 C/R. I originally ran a JWT ECU programmed for 550cc injectors and Z32 MAF. Ran it for almost 8 years and made 384whp and 412trq. It ran flawlessly.

FYI - I can't even get the vehicle to start with the new setup. Sounds retarded I know, but fuel, spark, timing light (yes its not set at idle because it wont) and vac are all good. We can't figure out why it isnt starting, and that was the reason we wired in the Nissan Consult Plug and went with NDS software; to get a better picture of the actual parameters to see what is off.

Its difficult to get any real solid data, because the car wont even start!! We are getting combustion, just not enough to fire it up to idle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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