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suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 19 Dec 2011, 18:55
by sonicii
If possible it would be nice to have a work support section under ABS to allow the St angle adjustment for the VDC system. On the V35 skyline (and probably several others), this can only be done via consult which means a trip to the local Nissand dealer.
The J31 maxima isn't a big deal as there is a 'non consult' method of performing this adjustment.

Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 20 Dec 2011, 15:33
by Tom
Thanks for your suggestion.
I've seen this function but wasn't really sure how much need there might be for it. I've put it in the same category as the "eprom erase on Auto trans" function. Hardly ever used.

When would this function normally be required? Steering wheel upgrade?

It might be a good idea for the next software version.

Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 21 Dec 2011, 16:26
by sonicii
Nissan recommend it is done each time a wheel alignment is done. It bascially just tells the VDC system what steering wheel position is 'straight ahead' so the VDC system knows when you are actually trying to turn and when you aren't.

Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 23 Dec 2011, 22:15
by Tom
Ok, thanks. I'll look into it.

Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 29 Jan 2013, 23:29
by dsmit376
I recently purchased the NDSII software for my 2003 4.8 Nissan Patrol.

I was wondering if the what the ignition timing bug previously was?

I also have a couple of questions:-

1. Is the base ignition timing limited by the ECU or the software? It seems I can add +2 and -8

2. Does the base ignition timing change the total timing or just the idle timing? ie does the ecu add timing to the initial value or leave it the same and basically change the curve?

3. Is there any plans for the ability to change the Base Fuel Schedule?
4. Is there any plans to display knock sensor activity?
5. Is there any plans for Throttle Sensor Calibration?


Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 11:25
by Tom
The previous version didn't correctly display the timing when in Timing Adjustment function.

1. The base ignition timing adjustment range is partially limited by the software. Mainly to prevent users from damaging their engines. The ECU has a limit as well but it would take more then what the software lets you do.

2. I'm not interlay sure. We haven't done any testing and I haven't seen any documentation explaining the exact specifics. It works the same as Consult II function though.

3, 4, 5 Would require flashing the ECU and possibly reveres engineering the ECU code. There are no plans for it at the moment.

Re: suggestion for datascan II

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 23:56
by dsmit376
The reason I specifically asked about the base fuel schedule is you can do this as part of the testing already in the current software, you can change the % and it seems to alter the behaviour of the engine though it cannot be set and requires the software to be open on the specific page with the values modified.