Consulting Associate

Andrew Wong, a Consulting Associate of Oakbridge, is an experienced computer professional with a sound understanding of both business and technical processes gained from over fifteen years international experience in various information technology environments.

He holds the qualifications, gained in Australia, of a Bachelor of Economics degree from Monash University in Melbourne and a Diploma of Project Management from the University of New England in Armidale.

Andrew has been the Sydney-based project leader/senior applications analyst of the Asia Pacific region IT Group of Sun Microsystems. He has also held technical and/or accounting positions in Optus Communications and Citibank Australia respectively in Sydney, and was a Crown Revenue Accountant with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

His professional expertise spans project management, business and systems analysis, and he specialises in accomplishing the goal of aligning technology, people and assets with strategic demands. He is also skilled in workflow analysis, economic forecasting, and systems and financial accounting.

During his four years with Sun Microsystems Australia, Andrew led top priority projects of the IT departments such as fresh installations of the Oracle financials systems (ERP) that were used by thirteen entities spread over the entire Asia Pacific region. In spite of an extremely tight time frame, Andrew and his project team delivered the product on schedule and succeeded in overcoming the challenges of multi-organisations and multi-languages support when integrating Japan with a common Asian platform, thereby streamlining business processes and achieving significant cost savings. Andrew also provided the management risk factors analysis that facilitated the project proceeding successfully.

Andrew Wong also has led the Sun Microsystems IT team in a major China project that had significant challenges (eg the establishment of a local chart of accounts and complying with specific local tax reporting requirements). He gained a full understanding of the customer's requirements and developed alternative tools for users to conduct month-end reporting, thereby leading to a reduction of three working days per month in the time allocated to that reporting task.

Andrew's enthusiasm and genuine concern for customers' needs earned him a nomination for Sun Microsystems' “Customer Partnering Award” in 2002. The significant benefit of the China project, being Sun Microsystems' successful expansion in Asia, won the China project team - of which Andrew was a significant member - the “Best of the Best” Award.