We are independent advisers specialising in compliance risk assessment.

Compliance risk assessment is vital to boards and chief executives. It gives the assurance needed by responsible directors and managers that their compliance programs are working and will continue to protect their shareholders from the perils of negligence claims and loss of investor confidence. It creates certainty in times of increasing uncertainty.

Compliance programs are well known in managing regulatory risk associated with corporations law, privacy legislation, listing rules, and environment protection and workplace health and safety legislation. They are the means for securing and demonstrating organisational discipline in avoiding breaches of the relevant laws, regulations and rules. They provide the assurance that requirements are being met as well as the best possible defence against unintentional breaches.

But they can do much more. The principles of compliance are just as applicable to the effective management of other risk areas in business, such as finance, systems, technology and security. They provide the same benefits of a disciplined approach to ensuring undesirable outcomes are avoided and translate into:
  • cost containment
  • achievement of objectives
  • board and employee assurance
  • demonstrable management competence
  • positive market perceptions
  • preferential insurance treatment
  • investor and shareholder confidence
  • increased shareholder value and wealth.

Our methodologies, experience and independence ensure your business can enjoy these benefits.