We believe that quality advice demands integrity, qualifications, experience, independence and personal attention. We also believe that quality advice must be put into the hands of those able to understand it and put it to effective use


We provide advice to boards and chief executives because we believe they are in a position to get maximum value from it. Our advice is frank, uncompromising and objective. Our assertions are backed up with solid facts and analysis. Our only interest is your best interest.

Qualifications and Experience

Our Principals are all successful advisers in their specialist fields. Each is professionally qualified and has at least 20 years experience as a senior executive in the private or public sectors or as an adviser to boards and senior managements.


We are completely independent of all other professional advisory groups. We don’t offer financial audit services. We declare any and all potential conflicts of interest and we invite continual open scrutiny of our practices, relationships and achievements.

Personal Attention

Our Principals personally conduct all of our business, from first contact, through engagement to service delivery. You get the constant benefit of our knowledge and experience. You don’t get the office boy to carry out the work agreed with the partner. You do not pay for any learning curve on our part. You enjoy the benefits of our extensive experience from the outset.

Quality Assurance

You get the full value of our collective knowledge and experience in every engagement. You get the benefit of our internal quality control procedures. In every engagement one of our Principals is designated for quality assurance of our advice at no additional cost to you. Our advice is practical, supported, certain and assured.