Our Principals personally undertake all assignments to ensure you get the quality of work and attention your business deserves. Each has a successful independent advisory business in their specialist areas. Each has at least 20 years experience as either a senior executive or independent adviser, or both.

Chris Ailwood is Managing Director of Bridgeisle Business Solutions, a strategic management services provider to private and public sector clients. Chris provides expertise in technology, marketing, public administration and government relations.

Hugh Morris is Managing Director of Morris Risk Services, a quality systems based specialist risk management and related insurance services adviser. Hugh provides expertise in risk identification and analysis and insurance industry services.

Con Livissianis is Managing Director of Exemplar Performance Advantage Pty Ltd, a performance evaluation consultancy to directors and senior executives who want to understand better the impact of good corporate governance, effective risk management, efficient internal controls and well-skilled directors. Con provides expertise in defining and refining areas for improvement in corporate performance that result in quantifiable advantages.

John R. Rush is Principal Consultant of Oakbridge Limited, an advisory group dedicated to the provision of professional financial markets advice and training programs. John provides expertise in interest rate, exchange rate, equities and commodity price risk management policy.

Our Principals are supported when necessary by equivalently credentialled Associates drawn from networks of independent professional advisers in specialist areas.