Chris is Managing Director of Bridgeisle Business Solutions, a strategic management services consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. He is an honours graduate in chemistry, holds an MBA degree and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Chris’ management and communication skills have been developed in environments requiring strong analytical techniques, political nous, commercial acumen and effective consultation. He has advised Ministers and Chief Executives, attended Cabinet and Board meetings, reviewed top management performance, managed high volume customer service areas, directed large-scale computing operations, revitalised debilitated management systems, developed innovative solutions to intractable policy problems and supervised numerous competitive tendering and contracting initiatives.

Chris’ special interest is in driving the use of technology from a marketing perspective so that investments and development effort are properly focused on the delivery of business growth and the achievement of corporate objectives. He pursued this when directing the expansion of a distributed online enquiry network in the early 1980s, when devising smartcard strategies and integrated financial instruments in the mid 1980s, and again when implementing and refining an automatic ticketing system in the mid-1990s.

Chris provides Kennington with expertise in technology, marketing, public administration and government relations. He can be contacted on (+ 61 2) 9874 8355 or

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