Hugh is Managing Director of Morris Risk Services, a quality systems based specialist risk management and related insurance services consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

He holds a Master of Administration degree and a Graduate Diploma in Public Administration. He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Risk Management and the Australian Insurance Law Association. He holds the staff appointment as Lecturer in Insurance, School of Finance and Economics, Faculty of Business, University of Technology Sydney and directs the UTS Undergraduate and Graduate Insurance Programs.

Hugh has had extensive experience as a senior corporate executive in the Australian coal industry, including a period of five years as company secretary of a listed Group, and later provided specialist risk management and insurance consulting services to a number of organisations in both the public and private sector. He was also Risk Manager for a public sector agency for four years
Hugh’s particular focus in recent years has been upon the adoption of a quality systems based approach to organisational and operational liability risk exposures and issues in a changing environment with use of Australian Standards. These have included AS 4360:1995 (Risk Management), AS 3806:1998 (Compliance), AS 4269:1995 (Complaints Handling) and AS 4804:1997 (OH&S Compliance) as well as other Industry specific Standards such as the AS 4292 (Railway Safety) series.

Hugh has developed and successfully implemented a quality systems based process for use in the systematic identification, assessment and management of corporate risk exposures, including the development of appropriate and effective risk management tools to address due diligence and governance related issues.

Hugh provides Kennington with expertise in quality-systems based risk identification and analysis and compliance evaluation. He can be contacted on (+ 61 2) 9437 0760 or

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