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Sharing Observational Astronomy .... February 10th 2007

Rodger and Noeleen point out the big clouds.

Rodger showing a family Saturn.

What an evening.
With little cloud in the sky all morning, and only a small amount until 4pm the night was shaping up to be spectacular.
Once 4pm came all the hard work, organising and planning started to fall apart.
No matter how much you think you are ready, if the weather isn't with you you're in trouble.
This is exactly what happened to us on February 10th 2007.

Although we knew that the night would be fairly unimpressive we decided to brave the elements while-ever there were
gaps in the clouds and people were prepared to wait for a glimpse of our night sky through one of the telescopes.
By 8:30pm it had become too overcast to continue so the night was wound up and the telescopes packed away.

Many people had a chance to look at Saturn and it's moons or the Orion Nebula on the night and hopefully the next night
will be fine enough to show a range of night sky objects to the public once again.

Laine braved the cold winds to help with her telescope.

Noeleen points up to Saturn.

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