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Sharing Observational Astronomy .... April 21st 2007

As the sun set, the thin clouds dispersed and gave us a wonderful clear night.
The cool weather during the day meant that we were off to a quick start showing the large crowd which had gathered the cresent Moon, Venus and the Orion nebula before they set too low.

3 telescopes allowed us to cope with the large crowd without lines and waiting times becoming long.
Having the 3 telescopes available also allowed us to focus on different targets when the crowds weren't huge which allowed people to see a wider array of astronomical objects.

It was good to see a wide cross section of people come out, take a look and ask questions.
I was surprised by the high number of international visitors who took the opportunity to see what makes our wonderful Southern Skies so wonderful.
Comments ranging from 'the moon "filling up" the wrong way', to 'the sun rising from the right when looking at it instead of the left', and even that 'the constellations were upside down' were mentioned.
One young man (Will) from the USA made a special trip from Brisbane and spent the night eagerly hovering around the telescopes. Whenever the crowds allowed I was gladly finding new "Southern Sky" objects for him to gaze at.

Lots of questions were asked and I hope we managed to answer them.

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