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Sharing Observational Astronomy .... February 23rd 2008

Saturn Observation Night 2008

After weeks of cloudy skies we couldn't have asked for a more perfect night.

Myself, Noeleen Lowndes (another NASA Saturn Observation Campaign member), along with amateur astronomers Laine Davidson, Jen Spence, Jarad Martin and my wife Robyn were all able to control telescopes and chat with the public about what they were looking at and why Saturn was the main focus for the night.

With telescopes of various types and sizes arrayed near the USQ On-Campus Observatory dome we were able to show everyone Saturn as well as a few different astronomical objects.

Some of the targets seen on the night included :-

  • Saturn with it's distinctive ring system - also some of it's moons
  • Mars
  • M42 - the Orion Nebula (a stellar nursery)
  • The Moon (just past full)
  • The Jewel Box CLuster near the Southern Cross.
  • Alpha/Proxima Centauri (one of the pointers) - our closest star which is a binari
  • The Tarantula Nebula within a neighbouring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Don't forget to check out the next public night and come out and have a look through a telescope.

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