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Total Lunar Eclipse ....December 21st, 2010.

December 21 2010 - a taste of a total lunar eclipse.

We are lucky enough to be able to see this total lunar eclipse, but only from moonrise to completion.
The Moon's trajectory takes it deep into the southern umbral shadow, resulting in a total eclipse that lasts 72 minutes

Since different parts of the Moon will probe radically different portions of Earth's umbral shadow, a large variation in shadow brightness can be expected. As a consequence of this geometry, the southern half of the totally eclipsed Moon will appear considerably brighter than the northern half.

The partial phase begins at 4:32pm and later ends at 8:01pm. The total phase begins at 5:40pm and ends at 6:53pm.
(All times just mentioned are AEST)

A timetable for the major phases of the eclipse is listed below.
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 05:29:21 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins: 06:32:38 UT
Total Eclipse Begins: 07:40:48 UT
Eclipse: 08:18:04 UT
Total Eclipse Ends: 08:53:09 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 10:01:19 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 11:04:28 UT

Australian Eastern Standard Time is Universal Time + 10 hours.
Unfortunately the moon will already be in eclipse as it rises for viewers in the Eastern Australian states

Get the NASA information page.
Visit Mr. Eclipse - Fred Espenak's - website.
The eclipse will be in progress at moonrise for eastern Australia.

If you miss this, you will have to wait until just before sunrise on June 16th for the next visible total lunar eclipse.

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