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The next public night will be a day !!

Don't miss the Partial Solar Eclipse on the morning of November 14th.
From 5:45am to 7:55am, in conjunction with the USQ and Qld Museum, I will have my telescopes set-up with solar filters on the grassed area beside the Cobb & Co. museum in Lindsay St in Toowoomba.
There will be some eclipse glasses available for just $3 and I will have some eclipse glasses on hand to look through if you don't want to purchase your own.

If you are lucky enough to be in Cairns you will be in the path of totality - where the moon completely blocks the sun and you will get about 2.5 minutes of darkness as the moons umbral shadow passes.
In Toowoomba we will be in the penumbral shadow where only part of the sun is behind the moon. With the proper solar filters you see the moon infront of the sun as though the sun has a big bite taken out of it.

I will have a solar filter that fits most SLR cameras available for ayone wishing to take a photo.

Before 5:45am you won't be able to see anything and the moon will be at maximin eclipse at 6:54am. At greatest eclipse, 84% of the sun will be covered, before the moon moves past the sun and by 7:59am the sun will be completely unobstructed again.
Unfortunately most people will never know this is happening. The sun is so bright that the dimming that will occur will go largely unnoticed.


You may have heard that it's ok to use welding glasses to look at the sun - DON'T USE WELDING GLASSES. The majority of welding glasses will diminish the intensity of the visible light from the sun but will allow the harmful UV and Infra-red radiation to enter your eyes. The first sign that you have a problem is too late to save your eyes.

If you have eclipse glasses, DON'T PUT BINOCULARS IN FRONT OF SOLAR FILTERS. Solar filters are designed to reduce unfocused radiatin from the sun. Telescopes, binoculars or lenses of any kind should never be used.


No registration is normally required, it is free and open to the public.

Click to download the USQ invitation to the day. (242kb .pdf)

The Cobb & Co. museum will have something (possibly sausages) available to purchase for breakfast.

The telescopes will be set-up facing east on the grassed area near the wind-mills at the corner of Campbell and Lindsay Sts in Toowoomba.

This is a free outdoor program and is entirely dependent upon the weather - especially cloud cover ... if you can't see the sun, we can't do the activity! If bad weather and cloud cover force us to cancel viewing for this day, the event cannot be postponed until another day.

Keep an eye on this website as details of any changes will be posted on this page as they become available.

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