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If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room ....

What else is there ?

Do not look for answers to the wrong Questions !

Will you eventually be asked how big your office was
or how much money you made ?

You may.

But tell your inquisitors you swam under a waterfall
and climbed a 200 foot cedar.
Tell them how to run a class V rapid.

Tell them the answer is "El Capitan",
Then ask them, "What is the question?"

Be selfish about this.

Let that body of yours feel its way up a rock face
and find its balance on the slippery stones in a creek.
When you reach the top or get to the other side, look back.
See what you've put behind you.

Now, only one question deserves an immediate answer !

What else is there ?

One day your life is going to flash past your eyes.
Make sure it is worth watching.

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