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Shandon Hypercentre XP Tissue Processor  


Reconditioned - Warranty

Enclosed System

       Does not allow reagent fumes to vent into the lab when in operation. Flexible air bag maximizes fume control. Emergency activated carbon filter utilized as an additional safety feature.

Optimized Design

        Organized capacity of 180 cassettes. Can be configured as either a floor model or bench-top model. Save as many as 9 programs. Default processing parameters at each step of heat, vacuum, immersion time, and extended drain time. Continuous "Time of Day Clock". Multilingual in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Swedish. Second blowout of reagent at every step. Flush (purge) cycle automatically cleans the unit with heated xylene.


        Additional Command Modules, Reaction Modules, and Storage Modules can be purchased. One Command Module can control up to 5 reaction and storage modules giving a processing capacity of 900 cassettes. A complete line of consumables available from Thermo Shandon.

Specimen Protection

        System performs self-diagnostic testing several times per step while processing. Audible alarms and external remote connectivity for telephone dialer to protect your specimens. Self contained battery

 Price:             AUS $POA     (+ GST Australia)

Note:  We also have an abundance of Spare Parts, and Modules for this model.
Including Pump Kits, Circuit boards and LCD Monitor Conversions.

New / Checked / Reconditioned.

Hypercenter XP is a computer-controlled, fluid-transfer tissue processor with automated fixation, dehydration, clearing and paraffin infiltration of tissue specimens.

tissue processor

 New LCD monitor conversion
Send us your command unit for a free quotation or we can supply the kit with instructions.
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