Private Owners to Private Buyers
462-464 Mulgrave Rd Cairns Qld


About Us:
We provide an Onsite and or Online Display Service for a fee; for 
Private Owners to sell their products directly to Private Buyers.

We are not a motor vehicle or a secondhand goods dealer.
We do not work on a commission basis.
We will only list assets that can legally be sold by owners under private sale terms.

The internet site is advertised by our physical site at 462-464 Mulgrave Rd Cairns.
Approximately 40,000 vehicles pass this site daily.
We do not depend on search engines to find us or  our website.

Display Rate Options:
Cars - Boats - Caravans - Bikes (in showroom).

Premium Onsite outdoor display until sold + Internet until sold $300.00
30 days onsite + internet until sold
Economy Internet advertising only until sold $30.00

Rates are for a standard size car space outdoors and may vary for larger vehicles.
Vehicle positions may be rotated to equalize onsite exposure.
Showroom display will be reserved for bikes, and assets that cannot be safely secured.
Bike rates will be the same as the rates above; and although displayed in the showroom may also be displayed outside for maximum impact during the day (with owners approval).

General Classified Assets (Showroom display): White goods - Brown goods etc.
We are prepared to display any asset however our lowest rates will be based on 1m2 of floor space.

Premium Onsite indoor display until sold + Internet until sold $negotiable
30 days onsite + internet until sold
Economy Internet advertising only until sold $30.00

We reserve the right to not accept assets or ask owners to remove items that do not sell within 30 days.

Payment Options:

Our prefered method:    By direct EFT payment into our account.

Over the counter at any Branch of a Bendigo-Adelaide Bank.


In person at our showroom at 464 Mulgrave Rd (Thomson St cnr) Cairns 4870

Credit card options and an interactive database will be available in the future.

To list your asset:

1:    Download and complete this attachement to display with your asset for onsite options.
        Onsite Asset information template.        List Your Vehicle.doc

2:    Take as many as 6 pictures of your asset (Mobile phone pictures are fine).
        Please advise if this is a problem, and we will help.

3    Email to us the completed form or advertisement and your contact details along with the pictures.

4:   We will respond and supply our banking details for your payment.

5:    Once payment is received you may then display your asset for sale on site, and we will publish your internet listing on our website; usually within 24 hours.



Telephone:  04 1234 6115 
Head Office: 462-464 Mulgrave Rd Cairns Queensland 4870 Australia


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