Private Owners to Private Buyers



The term ‘vigilante’ refers to someone who no longer plays by the established rules.

Because the red book or wholesale value of our asset states the price is $3,000.00, does not mean we have to accept it, just because it is written. Especially when the moment we walk away the retailer has a $9,000.00 price on it.

The concept of private sales is by no means new; and we can always list on internet sites for free; where we see a car for sale but get a lemon when we have parted with our money.

Our Concept

In this new concept we offer a physical retail outlet for you to display and sell your asset directly. The rules of the sale are set between the owner of the asset and the buyer. The fair value is somewhere in between the extremes and for the private parties to agree upon; however by eliminating the retailer our food is fresher and cheaper.


Our services are purely to sell display space for you to sell your assets directly.

No commissions.

No catches.

Just advertising.


List of services offered:

  • Onsite advertising of your assets; includes online add. 
  • Online only advertising. 
  • We can arrange independent finance.


Selling your Property?
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We can arrange finance.
Regardless of where the asset is purchased.